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Interlochen Online is a year-round source of expert online arts education, offering opportunities for children, teens, and adults to strengthen their artistic abilities. Join our community from anywhere in the world in an online environment that inspires creativity, confidence, and collaboration.

Why learn from Interlochen Online?

  • Expert instruction and personalized feedback
  • Develop new skills in 30 days or less
  • Learn on a schedule that works for you
  • Connect with peers from around the world

This is your moment to improve on your instrument, develop your artistic eye, write short stories in any genre, portray believable characters, and express the artist within you. Experience what it's like to learn from Interlochen Online today.

Inside Interlochen Online

Every Interlochen Online program combines flexibility with world-class, personalized instruction—empowering you to meaningully develop your artistic skills.

Flexible and engaging four-week courses

Each course combines flexibility with world-class, personalized instruction from professional artists to strengthen your skills. Expect to spend five hours per week on a course, whether a little bit each day or on weekends—you decide.

Receive an impressive credential with certificate programs

Dive into three four-week courses designed to refine your skills. You’ll stand out with an Interlochen credential for your résumé, college application, or LinkedIn profile. Teens can also receive high school credit upon completion.

Mentorship through private lessons

When you sign up for private lessons with one of our acclaimed faculty, you’ll receive exceptional arts mentorship that works with your schedule. Register for as many lessons as you'd like, each tailored to your age, skill level, and needs.

Featured Courses

Music Theory Basics 1

Explore the fundamental elements of music, looking closely at sound, harmony, melody, rhythm, and growth. You’ll begin to master the language of music, including clefs, notation, intervals, pitch, musical texture, and chord construction. 

What You'll Learn

Better understand the music you know and love

Apply range, contour, and flow to melody and harmony

Identify and use rhythmic elements

Create short, original melodies in a monophonic style

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Introduction to Creative Writing

Turn good ideas into great stories. This four-week introductory course will teach you all the key components of great storytelling, including how to develop characters, the narrative arc, themes, symbolism, and metaphors. 

What You'll Learn

Write well-crafted fiction

Sketch characters with wants and fears

Create vivid settings that support the characters

Write thematic metaphors

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Acting Techniques: Monologues

Learn to perform a compelling monologue. In this online acting course, you will explore the techniques that professional actors use to deeply understand and then portray believable characters.

What You'll Learn

Explore common acting methods

Analyze scripts

Techniques for the stage or the screen

Perform at least one fully realized monologue

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All Artistic Disciplines at Interlochen Online

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Explore music performance, theory, songwriting, or production.

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Dive into acting or musical theatre, for stage or the screen.

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Bring stories to life through film, animation, and new media.

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Strengthen your skills in ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and more.

creative writing icon

Creative Writing

Find your voice through fiction, fantasy, essays, and more.

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Visual Arts

Develop painting, drawing, and graphic design skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to spend about five hours per week on a course. Course weeks begin on Monday (except when Monday is a holiday) and end on Sunday. You can pace out your week in whatever way works best for you, but we recommend spending a bit of time each day on the course, much like you would practice an instrument. Typically, each week’s creative project is due by Sunday at noon Eastern time.

As part of the course, you can participate in an optional weekly hour-long video class meeting, where you can learn from the instructor and interact with fellow students in real-time. At the beginning of the course, you will complete a survey indicating your preferred times for the class meeting. The instructor will make every effort to identify a meeting time that works for everyone. The instructor will also post recordings of the meetings and you can view them when it is convenient. You will interact regularly with your instructor throughout the course. Within the learning environment, you can share messages with your instructor and peers, and you will also receive personalized feedback on your work in this same way.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all students in our online programs. We believe that all students should have equal access to our learning materials and activities, and that an inclusive learning environment benefits everyone. Here are some of the accessibility features that we have incorporated into our online courses:

  • Our course platform is compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

  • We use captioning for all videos.

  • We use headings and other structural elements to help users navigate the course content more easily.

  • We use color contrast in combination with other design elements to ensure that course content is easy to read and understand.

  • We provide alternative text for images and graphics.

  • We use plain language and avoid jargon or overly technical language wherever possible.

If you would like to request an accommodation for one of our courses, or would like to share any concerns or suggestions regarding accessibility, please contact so that we may assist you.

Yes! Once you complete your private lesson registration, you will be given a link to a form to make your request to study with a specific instructor.If you do not have a specific instructor in mind, you will be assigned a private lesson instructor. All of our instructors are excellent and well-regarded. They teach with Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen Arts Camp, and/or institutions of higher education.

What People Are Saying

“We were completely floored by how organized and professional this experience was for our son. I feel like this should be the model for all schools in the age of virtual learning.”

– Interlochen Online Parent

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